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Are you ready to purchase your used mobile grooming van or grooming trailer?

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No Generator Needed to Run Your Dryer, Clipper, Vac, Inside Lighting, CD Player, or Anything That is a 110 Volt Appliance, YEAH!!!!
No Gas, No Oil NEEDED

Don't BURN YOUR DOLLARS With a Generator

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All Of Our Mobile Grooming Vans Come Equipped With All of This


48" Tub

55 Gallon Clean Water Tank

Heat Exchanger - No Need for a Furnace

Grooming Table

Batteries and a 3000 Watt Invertor
No Need for a Generator!



2005 Ford e450 $22,995 Orrr???? Best Offer!

2005 Ford Van for Sale

mobile grooming dog grooming van for sale

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818.512.8125 and ask for George.

If BoomBoom Knew I Am Selling These He'd Bite Me!

2001 Chevy 3500 $17,995 or??? You Know :)

Chevy grooming van for sale

2001 Ford Dog Groomer Van For Sale $17,995 orrr????hmmmm!

elite grooming van for sale


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